Gobet, F. (1997).

Can Deep Blue™ make us happy? Reflections on human and artificial expertise. AAAI-97 Workshop: Deep Blue vs. Kasparov: The Significance for Artificial Intelligence, p. 20-23. AAAI Press: Technical Report WS-97-04.



Sadly, progress in AI has confirmed earlier conclusions, reached using formal domains, about the strict limits of human information processing and has also shown that these limits are only partly remedied by intuition. More positively, AI offers mankind a unique avenue to circumvent its cognitive limits: (1) by acting as a prosthesis extending processing capacity and size of the knowledge base; (2) by offering tools for studying our own cognition; and (3) as a consequence of the previous item, by developing tools that increase the quality and quantity of our own thinking. These ideas are illustrated with chess expertise.

"...The main thing needed to make the world happy is intelligence. And this, after all, is an optimistic conclusion, because intelligence is a thing that can be fostered by known methods of education."

Bertrand Russell